Fayette County
Fayette County
Sheriff's Office
Fayette, Alabama
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Community Outreach


     The responsibilities of the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office go beyond its core law enforcement and corrections functions. The Sheriff’s Office strives to enhance and improve the lives of those it serves through a variety of programs and services.

      The Sheriff's Office strives to create and preserve a feeling of safety and security within our communities. The staff establishes and maintains a true partnership with all our citizens in order to provide the most responsive, highest quality law enforcement service possible. The Sheriff's office makes every effort to initiate and maintain lasting partnerships with the community; treat citizens with dignity, respect, fairness, and compassion; utilize and maintain high standards of professionalism, integrity and ethics as well as foster a productive working relationship with other law enforcement agencies.

     The Sheriff's office is responsible for various community projects, school presentations/programs, and assists with security at county school events. The deputies interact with businesses and neighborhood groups to support crime prevention programs.